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Defining Our Identity

Posted by American Patriot on February 10, 2011 at 12:55 AM

Finally, I have an opportunity to post what has been on my mind a very long time, and that is the need to define an identity for the Democratic Party. Some people call it Branding, other people call it Positioning, but there is no argument among many prominent rank-and-file Democrats that we need something! The Republicans and their mouthpieces have effectively defined our Party for us, while we are always playing defense to the lies and deception they fabricate.

After all, we are a multi-million dollar organization and the oldest democratic political party in the world! We are the good guys! We are the Party for the People! We are the Party of Compassion! We are the Common Sense Party! We have a track record of Responsible Governing! So, why are so many working families representing every social, economic, and, ethnic background voting for the other guys? Because, the GOP has stolen our Patriotic identity; our Christian identity; our Strong Work Ethic identity; our Family Values identity; and, more importantly, our National identity. That’s why. It is time we Democrats take a stand and take back what is rightfully ours! Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of thieving hypocrites taking credit for something they are too corrupt to follow themselves.

So, where to begin? What should our mantra be? How do we embody everything and everyone our beloved Party advocates for in just a few words? YOU CAN’T! The Democratic Party is not as one-dimensional and simplistic as the Republican Party, e.g., lower taxes, small government, and strong national defense! We embody the needs and desires of the people, young and old, regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion, gender, lifestyles, or sexual orientation. We believe in responsible governing and common sense approaches to education and quality health care for everyone. In essence, the Democratic Party recognizes all men and women are created equal, and deserve a high quality of Life, with Liberty, and enjoyable Pursuit of Happiness!

While the GOP simply chose a few issues to fight about, the Democratic Party has had the privilege to fight and advocate for a multitude of issues and people. For this reason, we can’t simply sum up our mission statement to just a few words without leaving someone or something out.

Recently, I was honored to have sat in a group led by long time Democrat, Steve Merriam, which was given the opportunity to help develop a positioning statement for the Harris County Democratic Party. The ten of us contributed some really great leads that will eventually be scrutinized by a peer of Democratic leaders representing various social and ethnic groups. The ultimate outcome we anticipate will be the adoption of an approved positioning statement by the local Party and used as a means to communicate to the public about how we are the good guys. We are the Party you want to govern your school district, courthouses, county, city, state, and nation. We are in tune with your needs and desires, because, we ARE you! We live in your neighborhood and our children go to your schools. We drive on the same streets and breathe the same air. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen quickly.

It’s time to get mad, and it’s time to get even! The positioning statement is just one step of many we have to take to gain the respect of our neighbors again. Instead of winning elections by default, as what happened in 2008 when the nation had enough of Bush’s failed policies and poor leadership, we need to win elections, because the people want us and trust that we are the right people for the job!

Share your ideas about how Democrats can start winning elections on merit by commenting below. More about defining our Party another day!

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