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It's Their Turn

Posted by American Patriot on December 29, 2010 at 2:11 AM

Just around the corner from now, a frenzied group of newly elected Tea Party electeds and their Republican coaches will burst into their House and Senate chambers with such dynamism and determination, one might be mistaken a government takeover is taking place...Or is there?

But, let’s not kid ourselves. This new marriage of old conservative ideologies will only screw things up. First of all, there will be a rank of newly elected Tea Party representatives, including Kentucky favorite Rand Paul, who, speaking on behalf of Team Tea Party, has pledged to take his government back. Mostly inexperienced, these new “outsiders” lack central leadership and will be dependant on the very incumbents they rallied “are the problem” to coach them in their new job. But, they are nonconformists, tough, and on a mission for America! What could quite possibly get in their way?

Well, how about 222 years of political establishment? Oh, and how about making tough choices voting on budgets and appropriations already negotiated by the entrenched Republican and Democratic lawmakers and President? And, don’t forget the lobbyists, too! Considering about 35 newly elected Tea Party legislatures have never held a political office, I won’t put any money on their ability to fulfill any of their campaign promises. I think the former congressman, Robert Walker, who helped engineer the Republicans’ take over in 1994, said it best:

"You come to town with the belief that you have all these opportunities to influence national policy. The thing we found when we came to power in 1995 was that governing is hard. When you're in the minority, you can fight great ideological battles. When you actually govern ... you have to develop the art of compromise, and that's difficult."

Welcome to the Party of No! Now, they will be in charge (at least, in the House) and instead of saying “no, no, no, no,” they will have to lead the agendas. Such as, “defunding” the new Health Care bill and, as Sen. Mitch McConnell has arrogantly stated, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” But, when they are not working on that, they pledge to cut spending and create jobs. Oh, wait…I must have been reading the Contract with America from 1994...  Or, was it one of the countless speeches by President George W. Bush...  Ah, found it. It was the Pledge to America 2010... Wait! They all say the same thing--cut government spending and create jobs.  But, our government and federal spending grew under President Reagan and both Bush’s. And, Democrats have created more jobs than Republicans since President Truman. That means they must be lying to deceive the American public so they can push their REAL agenda…BIG BUSINESS!

Watch out America, and hold on tight!  it's going to be a bumpy ride the next two years!  More on their "real" agenda soon!  Happy New Year!

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