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Why I Am A Democrat!

Posted by American Patriot on December 17, 2010 at 7:06 PM


I think it is appropriate to make my first blog entry about why I am a Democrat.  After all, it's important for the reader to know who the author is, and why I am an advocate for the Democratic Party.

I am a Democrat, first and foremost, because, they put America and her citizens first!  The Democratic Party is the People Party and is inclusive of all ideas, dreams, desires, races, genders, affiliations, religions, creeds, etc., etc.  Democratic leadership fights for justice, equality and high standards of living for all people in a safe, clean and renewable environment. Fundamentally, the Democratic Party exemplifies the true spirit of what America represents and symbolizes!

The GOP, on the other hand, represents business and corporate interests FIRST before Americans. They are exclusive of common sense ideas and rationale.  And, although, they claim to be a diverse Party, their party platform, agendas, personal opinions, personal attacks, and image personifies a homogeneous America.  In addition, the very character, attitude and nature of Republicans from top GOP elected representatives to many of their rank-and-file is hate, bigotry, hypocrisy and anger.

Although I recognize faults within my Party, and I don’t always agree with my leadership or Party platform, I’m proud to be a Democrat.   I don't look at it as a choice between one side or the other, but, rather how one side wholeheartedly cares about my existence, my safety, and the quality of life for me, my family, and America in general.  

Please share this important resource with your friends, family and colleagues!  And, don't hesitate to make a comment about any particular topic or blog posting.  I welcome everyone's ideas, comments and input!

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